Is Thrive Architect the right page builder for me?

We started making templates for Thrive Architect in 2016. Back then it was called Thrive Content Builder and it was the best WordPress page builder at that moment.

Now we have Thrive Architect, a more powerful version of Thrive Content Builder, but in our opinion, still, often buggy product which was taken from the throne of best page builders by Elementor Pro.

Don't get us wrong, Thrive Architect is still a great page builder but needs some more fine tuning to shine to its full potential. The biggest advantage of Thrive Architect is its compatibility with other Thrive plugins and marketing tools such as Thrive Leads etc.

If you are not sure which WordPress page builder to choose and you are a beginner who is just starting with his first page-builder, we recommend that you go with Elementor. 

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