How do I install (import) Thrive Architect template on my website?

It’s really easy actually, with just a few clicks your template will be ready to go. Thrive actually explained that very well, so go and check their instructions and you’ll import our template on your website in no time.

Before you start make sure you have Thrive Architect installed.

If you want a quick guide, here it is:

How to Import Templates

You can import templates you’ve exported or downloaded.

1. Create a new page or Edit an existing page -> Click on Edit with Thrive Architect button

2. When in Thrive Architect's page editor access the Settings menu by clicking on the gear icon from the right sidebar again. 

3.  import landing pages by clicking on the last option from the menu, the Import Landing Page option.

4. A warning message will appear to notify you that importing a landing page will overwrite the contents of your current page.

After you confirm that this is what you wish to do, a pop-up window will open, with the Upload Files option. Here you have to upload the .zip file that you have previously downloaded from The Landing Factory.

After you have done that, click on the blue Import button from the bottom right corner of the pop-up and in a few seconds, your page will be changed to the customized landing page that you have imported.

That's it, your page is now imported. Make sure you save and publish the page before previewing it.

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