How to connect a popup navigation with an icon

Recently we introduced a special kind of navigations on some of our templates — popup navigation.

We wanted to design a bit more complex, modern, and functional navigations that can contain more than just a couple of links. What's the better way to do it than with awesome features Elementor's popup offers. It's not rocket science but you'll probably need a few minutes to figure out how it's working.

After you download one of our bundles that uses popup navigation (For example - Beauty Doctor Bundle) you'll get .json template files as usual, and one of them will be a template file for a popup. 

Step One
Assuming you've already uploaded all of the template files to your Elementor library (If you haven't, follow these instructions on how to do that) go to the page where you want to connect your popup navigation and open it using Elementor editor.

Step Two
Once you are inside the editor, you'll find an icon that is meant to be a navigation trigger. Click on it.

Step Three
In the settings sidebar on the left side of your screen under the Link section, click on the Dynamic option, and from a dropdown select Popup.

Step Four
Next, click on the Popup once again and start typing the name of the popup navigation template in the dropdown below, after you start typing the popup will be displayed. Click on it and it will be connected to your icon.

Step Five
Save the page you've been working on and preview it. Popup navigation should be working now. Repeat the process on all the pages from the bundle.

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